The Golden Rule Documentary Will be Screened All Over The World

“The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…” a documentary commissioned by the Visions of Peace Initiative, made its world premiere screening at the Cinepolis Cinema, in Denpassar, Bali on January 16th, 2024. This film was produced as a collaboration between the American award-winning HQ Creative production team, Indonesia’s award winning Angel Pictures and the Visions of Peace Initiative. The screening was attended by a diverse representation of religious organizations and spiritual leaders and was followed by an interfaith discussion and dinner.

Princess Natasha Dematra, a co-producer of the film, noted, “Bali was chosen as the location for the world premiere for this documentary in acknowledgement of the Hindu religion as one of the earliest of human faiths and in recognition of Bali’s Hindu High Priest, Ida Rsi Wisesanatha, who was an inspiring resource.”

Princess Cheryl Halpern, a founder of the Visions of Peace Initative and also a co-producer, explained the decision to commission this documentary saying, “Tolerance, the willingness to accept behavior and beliefs that are different from your own is essential in order to achieve civility and respect for diversity. Unfortunately, tolerance is not included in the human genome. Tolerance must be taught to our children. We need to provide the education and support to enable our children to reject the intolerance, disunity and extremism to which they are exposed. This is the mission of the Visions of Peace Initiative.

Through the Visions of Peace Initiative’s programs, Indonesian participants have learned to embrace the universal value of interfaith and social civility known as the Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others as you would want done to you.’ This documentary presents this core behavioral goal that is central to every faith and must be dynamically embraced in our world where violence, prejudice and injustice is emerging with renewed vigor.”

Since its founding, the not-for-profit Visions of Peace Initiative has been committed to motivating young Indonesians, ages 5 to 18, to use their artistic talents to spread ideas and share perspectives on tolerance, peace and respect for humanity.

Schools, orphanages and religious organizations, representing all faiths and ethnic denominations, have participated in the more than 100 Visions of Peace Initiative events and programs. By encouraging the youth to express their visions for peaceful coexistence through the arts, the Visions of Peace Initiative has helped identify areas of alienation and distrust between the young and has nurtured an attitude of greater openness, candor and tolerance from the participants. Recognition for the success of the Visions of Peace Initiative programs has been forthcoming through multiple nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize that have been made.

The Visions of Peace Initiative is planning to screen “The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…” in schools and forums throughout Indonesia as well as with global audiences. The Visions of Peace Initiative together with its producing partners, HQ Creative and Angel Pictures, is committed to conveying the important message of the Golden Rule in a dedicated effort to foster a more peaceful and tolerant world.

Hindu High Priest Ida Rsi Wisesanatha, Farida Hanum from Islamic Scholar Association, Pastor Jemry from Catholic Church, Pastor Bikhu Adi from Budha, Reverend Benny from Protestant Church praised and appreciated the Golden Rule as important film that promotes Tolerance.

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